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The 18th-century Swiss physician and physiotherapist Samuel Auguste André David Tissot once aptly remarked: “The movement per se is able to replace any remedy in its action, but all the remedies in the world cannot replace the action of movement”.

Kinesiotherapy has become an extremely popular form of therapeutic exercise in the last decade. Special medical equipment (simulators) has been developed to improve joint health and decompress the spine (to relieve the patient from symptoms caused by pressure of bone and cartilage tissues of the spine on the spinal cord and/or nerve roots).

The combination of kinesiotherapy and osteopathic treatment, understood as therapy of the spine and joints using gentle manual therapy techniques, in which the patient feels virtually no impact on the body, can effectively restore the structure of the musculoskeletal system and relieve pain in the spine and joints.

The advantage of kinesiotherapy simulators:

1) Narrow focus, i.e. working only the right muscle group without connecting the synergistic and antagonistic muscles, effectively working only the right area with minimal impact on the heart and blood vessels.

2) Correct movement geometry, which eliminates incorrect execution of the exercises.

3) The biomechanics of the movements allows one to set the amplitude of the movement without entering the zone of pain.

4) The step of weight adjustment during exercises is 500 g, which implies a precise dosage not achievable with gymnastic exercises.

5) Therapeutic exercises are performed without increasing intravertebral and intraarticular pressure, which is explained by the active-decompression mechanism of exercises in relation to the musculoskeletal system; this advantage is especially relevant for disc herniation and arthrosis. After exercising on the simulator, nutrition of the vertebral-motor segment improves, stabilizes and strengthens it, while at the same time consolidating the developed movement pattern and increasing the duration of remission.

6) Individualisation of the program of exercising on simulators at the entry and exit control of rehabilitation measures, which helps to motivate the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle

7) Creation of asymmetric loads, if necessary, which becomes necessary for spinal deformities.

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